How to Use Thermal Panels for Walls During Extreme Weather

thermal panels for walls

Although these specialized panels provide a streamlined and cost-effective alternative to walls and plenum fabricated in the field, they serve an additional purpose. In the event of extreme weather conditions, you may not know that you can use thermal panels for walls. During periods of severe hot and cold weather, maintaining a comfortable environment becomes nearly impossible. However, with the right panels installed, that changes.

Considering the most of the US is currently gripped by cold temperatures, this is the perfect time to take advantage of thermal panel protection. By incorporating the panels as part of your overall building design, you will have thermal mass and insulation that keeps the interior space comfortable.

Not only does the thermal panel material block out cold and hot temperatures but also airflow. In fact, the right panels will help control moisture too. When humid air passes freely between cavities, airborne water vapor condenses on the surface of cold objects. By installing thermal panels over windows temporarily, cold surface temperatures get separated from the warmer humid air.

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